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chobani yogurt bar

Are you the next Chobani?

Maybe if Chobani has anything to do with it you will be! If you’re working on a new food company concept. If you’ve been hankering for a team and money to get it going. If you are open to not going it alone (i.e., not fully owning the company), consider this rare opportunity to join […]

food news

What, a future without chocolate? Stop the madness

How do you get in the news? You break a story that the world is running out of chocolate. Not that climate changes and global demand are impacting chocolate supplies. But “We’re running out of chocolate!” No I’m not making light of this grave situation. We’re also running out of food, water, and jobs. But […]

susie and the walnut sign

Ingredients Tip: Sourcing Clean Nuts

As a nut-obsessed individual, I’m always on the hunt for growers and farmers markets selling farm-direct walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios. But when it comes to sourcing nuts to for food manufacturing, putting a premium on safety (especially given past salmonella scares) completely makes sense. That’s why a press release about RF Biocidics, Inc., “a […]

drink coffee feel good

3 Feel Good Food Business Stories

Enjoy the stories of a few FoodStarters whose food businesses will make a big impact personally, globally and locally: This One-Woman Coffee Venture Could Give a Child a Home – Daily Coffee News writes about Chasing Mercy, a San Rafael, CA-based micro-roastery whose sales will help founder Marlee adopt a child. Grilled Cheese Fundraisers from […]

Urban Moonshine tradeshow booth

How to Hire for Your Trade Show Booth

Have you ever felt a robot could do a better pitch job than a hired staffers rotely reciting a bunch of features, meanwhile asking nothing about you? It’s one thing when you make a wrong hire at a local supermarket or warehouse store (unless they yell at an old lady for not knowing the samples […]

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