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2015 Food Trends Podcast with Dear Handmade Life

Vegan frosting that tastes like the real stuff? Miss Jones Baking Company exemplifies the re-imagined classic foods that wholesale buyers found at the show.

Tune in to a delicious online conversation / podcast with Susie, Delilah and Nicole (behind Craftcation and the Patchwork craft shows) as we trade thoughts on 2015 food trends. We talk about what’s in, out and needed as well as how to best navigate the March Natural Products Expo in Anaheim which is best described…

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Building a FoodStarter Team

lucy and ethel eating cheese

2015 has been a big year, with the release of Good Food, Great Business, the first FoodStarter Academy e-course and writing for Food & Beverage Industry. Now GREAT big things are in the hopper, and I’m looking to team with a few good folks to create content and programs to help food entrepreneurs rock:…

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So You Found Awesome Compostable Biodegradable Packaging

compostable bags for food

When it comes to using or creating food packaging that is compostable and biodegradable, or recycled, or re-usable, plenty of new food businesses have learned the hard way that good intentions and good packaging don’t always mesh. First off, the cost of packaging can easily exceed the cost of the food that goes within. Even…

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The Power of Partnerships for Production and Marketing

Smari organic icelandic yogurt

Creative collaborations let everyone involved in a food business do what they do best. Whether marketing, manufacturing or sales. In this post on the Chronicle Books blog, get a taste of how partnership propelled a few stand-outs from the 2015 Winter Fancy Food Show to get to the show, ready for expansion while maintaining their…

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