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Urban Moonshine tradeshow booth

How to Hire for Your Trade Show Booth

Have you ever felt a robot could do a better pitch job than a hired staffers rotely reciting a bunch of features, meanwhile asking nothing about you? It’s one thing when you make a wrong hire at a local supermarket or warehouse store (unless they yell at an old lady for not knowing the samples […]

Why One Smart Cookie is Rocking the American Made Contest

Why One Smart Cookie is Rocking the American Made Contest

The One Smart Cookie uniform sugar cookie cutters caught my eye for several reasons: Perfect for professional cookie makers, perfect for kids and grownups at home. The value proposition: “Easily bake multiple amounts of perfect sugar cookies all at once, without chilling dough for hours, guessing at dough thickness or spacing!” As a smart cookie […]

beautiful macarons from Shades of Sugar bakeshop in Oakland

How a Few Artisans Make Their Food Products, from Home to Commercial Kitchen

The 2014 Eat Real Festival in Oakland is a chance to eat, drink and catch up, sample and buy from local food crafters. At the same festival in 2011, we were advocating a law to allow making food at home in California. So it was fun to check in with a few several year-old food […]

crunchy cheese o's

Shark Tank for Food Inventions – CASTING THIS WEEK

A casting associate wants to hear about game-changing food inventions, culinary tools and products, and good old food products that are reality-show worthy. The deal: Eyeworks TV, the producers behind Extreme Weight Loss on ABC and Bar Rescue on Spike is  holding auditions this week (week of Sept 15, 2014) in Redondo Beach for entrepreneurs […]

organic caramel peanut nougat candy bar

Organic Candy Bars & Chocolate Nut Butter Cups Abound

As of today, organic-loving, sustainably-minded consumers have yet another reason to visit the natural candy aisle: Theo Chocolate’s organic, Fair Trade peanut butter cups. Just in time for back to school, the Seattle bean-to-bar chocolate maker rolled out these “soy free, palm oil free” treats, adding to the array of “better-for-you” versions of old fashioned […]

FoodStarter Advisory Service: Your Personal Think Tank

A right-hand trusted advisor may seem too good to be true — but that's what I do. And it works. Here's what some recent clients had to say:

Query: Ideas for finding employees, where to sell, and tradeshows
Feedback: "One thing I am sure of is that we will be working together again."

Query: "I need to move to the next level with my local food business but need help."
Feedback: "Thanks so much for the helpful info and contacts. "

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