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Sriracha Sauce Foods Spiced Up the Summer 2014 Fancy Food Show

Has the Sriracha rooster jumped the shark? Notes from the Summer 2014 Fancy Food Show

It’s exciting times for Sriracha sauce. The factory where Huy Fong Foods makes sriracha was stung with a partial shut down yet as demand for Sriracha in foods like Kettle chips had begun sizzling. If the Summer Fancy Food Show is any baramoter, we’re looking at scorching times for the rooster. Here’s just a sampling […]

M&M packaging

How Much to Put in Packages? Look to M&M Candy

When I downloaded NPR’s Planet Money podcast, the last thing I expected to hear was a detailed investigation into the weights and measurements of M&M candy. The M&M Anomoly episode has much to teach any food producer selling loose foods like snacks and panned candy (like chocolate covered espresso beans). How do companies decide exactly […]

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Fruitilicious 2014 Specialty Food Awards Finalists

The trepidation builds among the 2014 sofi™ Award Finalists who will soon learn if they’ve won this year’s Specialty Food Association competition. Just as an Oscar pumps up a film crew’s career, a sofi translates to more sales and more distribution for food makers. This year’s finalists reveal delicious innovation and “good food” (including Bay Area fave Bar Gelato, featuring […]

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Ask the Right Questions to Find the Right Answers

Asking good questions is an art. Perhaps The Oracle (AKA Google) led you here  after you asked about your food business idea. Or your life. Or both. Like a detective or a journalist, when you are seeking information, keep the questions coming. And when people like me are trying to help YOU find answers, be […]

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Lessons Learned From Changing to

Deciding a URL for your website is like deciding a brand name for your food: once you get established and get the word out, it’s hard to change. And when you do, you’re leaving behind a whole lot of brand awareness and investment. That is, unless you are re-inventing yourself to avoid a bad rep. […]

FoodStarter Advisory Service: Your Personal Think Tank

A right-hand trusted advisor may seem too good to be true — but that's what I do. And it works. Here's what some recent clients had to say:

Query: Ideas for finding employees, where to sell, and tradeshows
Feedback: "One thing I am sure of is that we will be working together again."

Query: "I need to move to the next level with my local food business but need help."
Feedback: "Thanks so much for the helpful info and contacts. "

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