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Learn How to Create Italian Artisan Foods – IN ITALY!

take the culinary adventure of a lifetime to italy in 2015 or 2016

Only so often does the chance to travel Italy with a culinary expert present itself.  Sean Timberlake, founder of Punk Domestics, Preservation expert, and all around delightful and hilarious guy, is offering 2 amazing culinary travel adventures to Italy. I am helping Sean get the word out about these unique artisan food explorations, which are ideal for…

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Why You Should Always Get a Second Opinion

bull dog by susie wyshak

You know when you have your day all laid out so nicely. Goals listed. Meditation for a great day accomplished. Yet sometimes you just get screwed. Lesson 1: Have car, have AAA.  Within moments, my tire was pumped up, all ready to drive to the tire shop. Not before the AAA measured the tread left on my…

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The Problem With Knowing the Solution

Figure out the problem before the solution. Sometimes ignorance really is bliss!

Vinegar and baking soda is the miracle cleanser, the cure all for most any natural cleaning, unclogging and pretty much every other worldly need. So when my hand-held shower head wouldn’t let 90% of the water spray through, oh ya, I knew what to do. How simple… Pulled out the multi-gallon bottle of distilled white vinegar…

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Stonewall Kitchen’s Amazing Journey Continues

Stonewall Kitchen Fancy Food Show booth

Stonewall Kitchen never ceases to impress me. From the first time I saw their brand at the company’s Portland, Maine retail shop to their charming Summer 2015 Fancy Food Show booth…Stonewall Kitchen is the envy of specialty food brands for a reason. Stonewall is everywhere Walking to the Javitz center for the recent show, I…

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Time to Enter the 2016 Good Food Awards! (Till July 31)

Fat Toad Farm sofi award winning caramel

Whether you’ve got a home-based preserves business with a license to sell retail OR you’re a nationwide, award-winning specialty food company focused on local ingredients and sourcing responsibly…the Good Food Awards could be your ticket to joining an awesome community and being labeled a winners of this popular awards program. This year a remarkable number…

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