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7 must-know food business news bites & a good supermarket idea

A Murray's Cheese within a Ralph's supermarket in Los Angeles brings great specialty and artisan food products to shoppers who might not otherwise have discovered them. The section is right near the store entrance.

Man has it been a busy few weeks, so here’s a little compilation of what I’ve been discovering and writing about recently: Some people mark time in semesters, or vacations. I seem to mark mine with food shows: the Summer Fancy Food Show is right around the corner. And based on the number of parties lined…

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Yes, There are Seafood Bargain Shoppers!

Freshly caught fish in Bali where it's ok to hang your cigarette over the merch.

I never knew seafood shopper habits could be so interesting. Yet this report from, the international online news source for seafood industry professionals, seriously intrigued me: They detailed American consumers’ interest in seafood at the retail level, put together the longest infographic in the world, and boiled the findings down to six protein purchasing…

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Want to Expand Your Food Sales With a Regional Distributor?


After meeting Mary Calo — specialty food distribution expert and industry veteran — at the Petaluma Artisan Cheese Festival,  I asked her to share her insider knowledge to unravel those questions new food producers ask about when to approach a distributor, how to pick one…etc. Mary graciously laid out her knowledge and experiences, specifically related…

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Free Cookie Friday (Well, May 15 Anyway)

an amazing chocolate chip cookie

I’ve got chocolate chip cookies on the brain. Specifically teaching kids critical thinking through cookies. Making them. And the business of chocolate chip cookies. The cookies Doubletree serves guests are among my favorite, oddly enough. So for the May 15 National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day food holiday, I wrote all about the Doubletree by Hilton…

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HUNGRY FOR MORE? Here's the THE COMPLETE ARCHIVE of 7+ years of posts. Enjoy!


Check out #100DaysofFoodFinds, my persona Instagram challenge to share great food experiences. Tell me about feature-worthy foods and drinks...and potentially get featured on too.

Visits with food people at work and play…

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