Good Food Awards Coffee Finalists Bucket List

In a mad bout of “avoiding” I decided to read the full list of Good Food Awards finalists and was so excited to see that many coffee roasters  I’ve visited and love on the list. Here’s some coffee love…and I fully intend to visit the ones I have not been to yet. I’m beyond excited to see so many roasters pop up in New York, a great excuse for a trip!

1000 Faces Coffee, Ethiopia – Shikaso Mora Mora, Georgia Need to go!
Cafe Grumpy, Honduras – Las Flores El Cielito, Santa Barbara, New York Need to go!
Case Coffee Roasters, Kenya – Nyeri Gaturiri Co-Op-Peaberry, Oregon Need to go!
Cuvee Coffee, El Salvador – El Molino Witness Project, Texas – hmm I’ve been but need to go again!
Evans Brothers Coffee, Ethiopia – Yirgacheffe Birhanu, Idaho Need to go!
Flying Goat Coffee, Ethiopia – Wottuna Boltuma, California – I lurv Flying Goat and their lime green cafe.

Four Barrel Coffee, Ethiopia – Wollega Wato, California

Four Barrel is worth a deuce!

Gimme! Coffee, Colombia – Finca San Luis La Gloria, New York Need to go!
Heart Roasters, Ethiopia – Yukro & Kenya – Ndumberi, Oregon Need to go!
Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea, Kenya – Gichathaini & Kenya – Kangocho, Illinois & California

Intelligensia coffee in LA by Susie Wyshak
Joe Bean Coffee Roasters, Nicaragua – Pachi, New York Need to go!
Joe, Ethiopia – Camp, New York Need to go!
Kaldi’s Coffee Roasting Co., Panama – Lerida Estate, Missouri Need to go!
Kickapoo Coffee, Ethiopia – Organic Yirgacheffe Haru Cooperative, Wisconsin Need to go!
MADCAP Coffee, Guatemala – Las Aguas Altas, Michigan Need to go!
Noble Coffee Roasting, Kenya – Kia Ora, Oregon

Noble has a great cafe near the railroad district of Ashland, just off I5. If you’re ever powering between the Bay Area and Portland be sure to get off and stop at Noble. As you can see they have killer pastries, this one with local berries from Pennington Farm.

Panther Coffee, Colombia – Finca El Ventilador, Florida – Need to visit!
Portland Roasting Coffee, Ethiopia – Sidamo, Oregon – Need to visit!
PT’s Coffee Roasting Co., Kenya – Thiriku & Ethiopia – Nanno Challa Heirloom, Kansas – Need to visit!

Sightglass Coffee, Ethiopia – Yukro Gera, California

I’ll never forgot my first hazelnut brownie filled with caramel made by William Werner‘s baking crew. The coffee is killer as well. Imagine the gooey anticipation…

Square One Coffee, Kenya – Nyeri Gatomboya, PennsylvaniaNeed to go!
Verve Coffee Roasters, Panama – Elida Estate Geisha & Ethiopia – Birhanu, California

You know when something puts you in a happy place? Putting myself in Verve puts me in a happy place. Maybe my happiness shows in this shot.