Wild Caught Tuna Anyone Can Open: Product Review

Food accessibility for seniors, people on budgets and people with mobility problems are my big food security bandwagons.

So when I met Sea Fare Pacific at the Fancy Food Show, the Oregon-based company’s tuna-in-a-pouch immediately caught my eye. Sure albacore tuna fished off the West Coast packed only with salt sounded appealing as an alternative to canned circles of tuna from oceans far beyond. But the tear-open pouch (look ma no can opener needed) really piqued my interest.

I trundled my sample pack to my favorite Elder Testers’ house to test the tuna. My mom immediately reached for a knife. “No!” I ordered, “See if you can open it with the tear in the pouch.” She tried then said she needed the knife. She tried again. I played hardball, keeping the knife at bay.  It started to tear open…she got it open without a knife, which impressed us all.

Product: The 6 ounce pack generously topped three salads. We all found the flavor fresh and not fishy, with only lemon and pepper on top, although the Smoked Tuna had almost no smoky flavor.

Price: At $7, this albacore tuna is pricey, comparable to high end imported tuna. However given the quality and really how “meaty” the portion, the $2.33 per eater is a good value.

Packaging: Big thumbs up. BPA-free and full of information about the benefits, it’s like a tuna version of a cereal box. Tuna in a pouch would most certainly come in handy for camping and picnics or for (insert your local natural disaster you’re paranoid about) supplies.

As the nation’s healthy eaters age, thoughtful packaging like this becomes all the more important. I hope Sea Fare Pacific fares as well as the sustainable fish did before they landed in your pantry.

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