Product Idea: Popular Food Not Available In the U.S.

lucy and ethel eating cheeseWho hasn’t smuggled home cheeses, spices and other delicacies you knew you just couldn’t get your hands on back in the U.S.?  (Me?) :) And while globalization has made finding rare food rare (thus squelching some of that anticipatory thrill of traveling), food entrepreneurs should take note of Candy Treasure‘s brilliant strategy.

This candy company developed and took a  Kinder Surprise-style egg nationwide in the U.S. — capitalizing on a ready market of Kinder fans unable to get their hands on these interactive chocolate eggs.

This example reminded me also of Brazilian Specialty Foods, which found its niche in restaurants hungry for churrascuria which was not importable due to meat embargoes.
Just like Candy Treasure, they produced their foods to make the U.S.D.A. happy, using familiar  spices and recipes to make their buyers happy.

The formula: Huge international fan base – ability to import = possibilities!