90-Minute Strategy + 30 Min Followup


Make the right decisions and accelerate your specialty food business dreams with this 90 minute brainstorm with Susie, via phone, Skype or email.  Two follow-up calls or emails of 15 min. each (or 1 30-min call if you prefer) will get you along even farther on your path to success.

Tap into my extensive connections, knowledge of business model and food trends, and ability to help you get to the core of what you really want—quickly.

(Feel free to get in touch to chat before signing up to make sure I can help you get what you need.)

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every food entrepreneur deserves a personal think tankWhat would you like out of running a food business (and out of life)? What are your options? How do you choose? And what’s stopping you from knowing these answers and acting?

My passion is helping passionate entrepreneurs as your personal think tank…that trusted advisor you call for instant insight, strategic suggestions and connections—just as all the great leaders in history have done.

The goal: help you grow in food business and in life by connecting the right dots.

Connect you with what you really want

Our conversations have no limits and might weave through:

  • creative and food business strategy: from developing WordPress blogs and websites to writing blogs and books to connecting with farmers and other sources of unique ingredients to generating interesting product and marketing ideas.
  • insight into market opportunities and trends, what’s passe, location ideas, partnership suggestions…all of those dots to connect.
  • naming ideas for your company and product line.
  • connecting your ideas with action, from who you should meet to how you should source ingredients.
  • self-sabotaging behavior such as why you keep getting to a point and stopping; or have trouble asking for help; or other blocks or fears getting in your way of your dreams.
  • goal setting and habits for entrepreneurial success
  • ways to make money while getting started

Example Client Challenges / Brainstorms

  • Starting up, seeking connections and ideas of how to find a good hire and how to promote his business.
  • How to start while working full time, seeking business model, packaging, and production ideas.
  • How to quit his job and run a food businesses. My client needed to narrow down his options.
  • Connections to expand her local food business.
  • Opportunities for a bakery with a retail storefront.


My book full of tales from the trenches comes out Dec. 2014.

Check out my book that packs in tons of food business wisdom.

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Here are just a few testimonials

Dozens of passionate food artisans and career changers have benefited from my knack for connecting the dots and utter pleasure in helping people. (See a few testimonials below.) Feel free to peruse my experience in food to see who I am.

“Thanks to your course my focus has shifted; after some  market research I found that the market is starting to get saturated. Again thank thank thank you, for all of your help. I would not be this far in my journey without you, your book, and your course.” – a brand new food crafter, 2015

“I contacted Susie thinking she could help in some way with planning a new retail food business in Oakland. She not only knew the landscape of the local food retailer scene, she had broad insight into trends and specialty grocery best practices across the U.S. Susie enthusiastically connected me with food leaders and other consultants in the Bay Area and offered an array of helpful business model ideas. I’d recommend her as a consultant to anyone seeking a quick start to forming their food product or retail concept ideas and getting connected.”

-future Bay Area retailer

pop candy“Susie is one of our most valued, savvy, and super fun business partners. Since the time she discovered and tracked us down at our local farmers market, we have enjoyed her clear passion, ongoing knowledge, and eye-on-the-future view about the artisan food scene. Susie’s all about seeing the possibilities and finding opportunities. She was instrumental in introducing our products to Foodzie.com, live event producers, and the right retailers. We even hired Susie to help us with website content after seeing her writing chops on online store, and continue to enjoy her ideas, connections, and friendship!”

-Rachel and Bill, p.o.p. candy

bbf“Susie is an amazing connector, strategic thinker who connects the dots, and is really fun to work with! She is truly interested in people and food, and takes the time to get to know people and their stories. She’s one of those people you can just trust and feel comfortable with. She is highly creative and full of great product ideas (both food and software). If you’re looking for help getting things off the ground or taking things to the next level, talk to Susie.”

Joyce Guan Founder/VP of Sales, Buyer’s Best Friend

amella“I met Susie when Foodzie.com was just getting off the ground. It was Susie’s determination, hard work, and passion for her work that made Foodzie.com what it became. Susie is extremely effective in communicating and developing marketing campaigns. In fact her work for Amella Caramels helped us make into the Oprah Magazine. She is very creative and is always wiling to lend a helping hand to a colleague. Susie has been instrumental in helping us grow our Amella Caramels Brand through her great contacts and knowledge of the specialty business. I would recommend Susie Wyshak with great confidence that she get the job done right!”

Emir Kiamilev, Amella Caramelsoren's kitchen

“Susie truly loves food and is very inspiring to work with. She brings many great ideas to a project and has the ability to connect with people. She is always the one to get things done. She has knowledge of the food industry and has variety of marketing and other skills such as writing and strategy.”

Arnon Oren, Oren’s Kitchen

Want to learn more about me?

When you’re thinking of making a big investment in a food business, it’s worth a small investment to answer your questions and open your eyes to possibilities!




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