Your Success On My Mind – 1 Year Strategic Advisor


Imagine having a right-hand strategic advisor keeping an eye out for what will help you reach what you want. A must for solopreneurs crafting a new specialty food!

Ongoing, as I meet new people, read about trends and discover opportunities, the dots will connect to what you want and need for your business. Then I’ll check in to fill you in, along with strategic advice. For 365 days.

Before purchasing this, please read more details below then contact me to make sure we will be a good fit.

I will only accept clients who I know I can help!

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When you’re deep in the day-to-day management of a small business and your life, seeing the big picture becomes a big challenge.

Imagine having someone who knows what you need and looks out for your interests just when opportunities arise. This is my forte and love. I keep on the cusp of what’s going on. I connect the dots.

You can greatly accelerate your success and focus on what you need to by investing in 1 year of my headspace:

  • You update me occasionally by email on what you want to connect with—ideas, leads, even opportunities, suppliers, trends.
  • Your goals will be on my mind, and I will use my talent for connecting the dots to help you get what you want.
  • You’ll hear from me not only with the information but with a suggestion for what action you might want, along with pros and cons.

Time and again, over months and years, I’ve provided such timely strategic insights to food startups.

Months and years after food entrepreneurs have shared their goals and challenges, I come back with super valuable, strategic information comes over the transom you would not otherwise have received. Such as:

  • insights and red flags on trends in ingredients, product categories and everything related to selling foods
  • introductions to people and resources
  • suggestions for partners
  • strategies to stay relevant and thrive
  • connections to what you need.

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